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Strategic Advising for Job Quality Initiatives
What We Do:

Block | Sachs Advisors offers a full range of consulting services for corporate, investor, and philanthropic leaders interested in developing quality job initiatives within their own companies or as part of the broader efforts underway to expand the definition and research around good jobs.


For business leaders, the group provides strategic frameworks on how to build quality into the employment relationship, including in the areas of wage policy, benefits, employee participation programs, work-life balance, and job training and development.


For investors, the team offers advising on how to responsibly and efficiently identify firms that are investing in job growth and quality while providing services for early-stage firms on how to develop good jobs from the beginning.


The group also can provide recommendations and introductions around strategic partnerships for companies or others looking to build out relationships with community and non-profit organizations engaged in the area.

What We Believe:

Real success in today’s economy takes more than a short-term focus on the bottom line.  More and more evidence shows that profit and purpose not only can co-exist but actually reinforce each other.  Leaders who can recognize the value proposition in creating quality jobs are building stronger companies, organizations, and communities, which is good for all Americans:

  • For employees, quality work ensures a place in the middle class.

  • For businesses, quality jobs equate to a productive and stable workforce and consumers whose spending fuels our economy.

  • For investors, firms that offer quality jobs are central to the expanding focus on ESG investing.

  • And for the country as a whole, quality jobs are a key component of moving in the direction of shared economic prosperity.

Recognizing the quality-jobs values proposition is just the first step – being able to define, identify and adopt quality job principles takes more.  It takes an understanding of the economic, legal and social components of high road employment practices.  It also takes an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of corporate leadership, investors, and civil society partners in building a strategy necessary for success.

Who We Are:

Leading the thought leadership and research on labor and work at Harvard University, Sharon Block and Ben Sachs have been at the forefront of political, academic, and social movements to ensure that all Americans have access to quality jobs.


Sharon’s experience includes top leadership positions in the government agencies devoted to job quality and, most recently, as the director of Harvard’s Labor and Worklife Project.


Ben has worked in the non-profit sector, for a major labor union, and, for the last decade, as the labor and employment professor at Harvard Law School.


Block and Sachs understand the importance of quality jobs – to the employees who hold them, to the firms that create them, to investors who seek to identify them, and to the country that needs them.

Sharon  and Ben at 2018 John Dunlop Memorial Forum  at Harvard Law School, where Tom Perez, DNC Chairman, was speaker. 

Photo by Lorin Granger 

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